Valentine’s Day on campus

by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer

Valentine’s Day on a high school campus means roses, candy and stuff animals – but as with other holidays, the administration is asking students to refrain from unnecessary distractions.

“Things that can or would possibly could cause a disruption here at school will be taken to the office,” assistant principal Cynthia Rinehart said.

Campus administration views Valentine’s Day the same as any other day. Anything that wouldn’t  be allowed at the beginning of the year, clearly wouldn’t be allowed now.

“We don’t want something just massive, we can debate as far as what that means but when it becomes to where you have to carry it in your arms it’s too big,” principal John Mehlbrech said.

Administration and staff members want students to remain engaged in school and not get distracted on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s too tempting for people walking in the hallway to want to grab stuff and it would not be a good thing,” Mehlbrech said.

In order to eliminate all distractions on this very festive day, administration has said that if they see a student with an item considered distracting they will be sent to the welcome center.  

“Students will be told they can not have the item and be given a pass to the welcome center where they will leave the item. It can be picked up at the end of the day,” Rinehart said.

Not only will these rules apply to students, but also parents.

“Sometimes parents will drop stuff off for the kids and we will say well we will be happy to call them down at the end of the day,” Mehlbrech said.

And the administration wants students to remember that sometimes the best gifts come in small packages.

“A single flower, a small animal that you can put in your hand, clothing or anything like that, jewelry is fine,” Mehlbrech said.


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