‘Logan’ flawless send off for Wolverine series

by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer

Hugh Jackman’s final time portraying Wolverine is arguably the best we’ve ever seen. This movie has everything you could want: R rated action, beloved characters, and emotion.

James Mangold, director of The Wolverine, returns to helm Logan. I liked The Wolverine for what it was, but this time we get something much better. With the studio finally giving the fans an R rating, we get to see bloody action scenes that include claws flying through people’s heads. Yeah, it’s that awesome. Right from the beginning, you know you’re seeing way more brutality in a Wolverine movie than ever before. The fight sequences are amazing, and so is the way they are filmed. The cinematography was better than every other X-Men movie, I thought.

Hugh Jackman plays Logan one last time, and he was absolutely phenomenal. We’ve seen him through all these different movies, so in this one we already have latched on to his character. The same thing goes for Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. There is so much emotion behind these two performances. Dafne Keen, the little girl introduced in this movie, did such a fantastic job. She plays a young mutant with very similar powers as Wolverine, and she can definitely defend herself. I really cared for her character, and could buy into her jumping around stabbing people.

Finally, the emotion that runs through the movie is so powerful. Logan makes you care for these characters, and there are some great dramatic moments. There were parts that were very sad, including the outstanding ending. I feel it delivered the perfect send-off for Jackman’s Wolverine. Logan didn’t feel like the typical bloated, CGI mess of a comic book movie. It was something much more, almost like a dramatic western- with great hard R action.

I think Logan is a pretty much flawless film that any comic book fan, along with fans of movies in general, will love. It really is a perfect ending to Hugh Jackman’s excellent portrayal of this character.         

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