Top 7 restaurants to go to before Prom

By Victoria Ramirez| staff writer

If you’re still trying to find a good place to eat before prom, check out these go-to spots in years past. From Mexican street food to Italian fine dining, this list has something for everyone.

    1. Piatti– Italian restaurant and bar, located at the Eilan at the intersection of I-10 and La Cantera Parkway. With an excellent selection of soups, salads, paninis, pasta, pizza and more. If you have a big group and want to get everyone together to eat Piatti is a good place because of its large private rooms available. If you have any questions or would like to make reservations you can call 210-251-3542.  
    2. Cibolo Moon–  Since the 2016-2017 prom is at the Marriot, like most years, Cibolo Moon is a not only good, but convenient place to have your meal before attending the event. Located at the Marriott, the Italian steakhouse has a variety of different choices put into one easy to choose from menu. For anyone who does not eat meat there are many options to choose from including vegetarian quesadilla, or the wide noodle pasta with seasonal vegetables, along with many salads to choose from, all in the vegetarian menu.
    3. Paesanos– Located off of 1604, the italian restaurant has everything from soups and salads, to chicken, pasta, pizza and seafood. The restaurant offers multiple menus for every meal,  and every drink.
    4. Maggiano’s– Known also as “little Italy” the Italian restaurant is located off of I-10 at the Rim. Even though some may think it is a far drive of 26 minutes, it has a wide variety of everything you could eat. Maggiano’s even has amazing deals every day including the meal for two, which is a three course meal, for $50. They also have a family style menu, that they ask parties of 8 or more to use, to make things easier and cheaper. With the Family Style it would be $22.95 per person, with this plan you would get 1 appetizer, 1 starter, your choice of two pastas, 2 signature cuts, and 2 desserts.
    5. Zio’s– The italian kitchen, located off of highway 281, and a second location off of I-10, has many menus for different dishes to chose from, they even have a gluten free menu. They have a wide selection of what to eat, form pizza’s, sandwiches, and calzones to pastas, soups and salads.
    6. La Gloria- With a 4.2 rating and many high reviews, the Mexican restaurant has all of the “best street foods of Mexico”. The Mexican grill has two locations, off of 100 East Grayson at the Pearl, and I-10 west at the Dominion. If you are not in the mood for Italian then La Gloria is the right place to go. Open Monday through Thursday from 11AM-10PM, and friday and saturday from 11AM-12AM. Even though they don’t have private seating, it is a very open space to where you and your friends will have  a good time.
    7. Chama GauchaMany have heard of the place, but have never been, a place where all you have to do is sit and enjoy. Chama Gaucha a place where you sit and they bring the food to you, meat, especially. The waiters bring the meat out on a hot stick and ask if you want what they are saying, if yes, then they will slice it and give it to you on your plate. To make sure that they don’t keep bothering you when you are full, they even have a system with a cad that you receive when you walk in. When the card is on the red side, it means you are ful and do not want anymore meat. And the card is on the green side, that means that you would like more food. Go experience the southern brazilian food at Chama Gaucha.




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