JAG JAMS : Guthrie’s Grooves

by Arianna Michaud | staff writer

Sometimes, the best way to learn more about a person is to know their tastes in music. In that spirit, MyJagNews will be finding students and teachers who are willing to share playlists. Download Spotify to access to follow us and keep up with these playlists.

Stuart Guthrie’s music taste stems from his days in high school, during the peak of the heavy metal scene.

“It was bands like Van Halen, Ozzy, ‘course Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. It was the great bands of the 70’s and 80’s, so those were always on my playlist somewhere,” Guthrie said.

However his taste doesn’t solely lie in the realm of old school rock.

“I love Sound Garden, Audio Slave, course Metallica Megadeth, those metal bands from the 90’s as well. It’s also very eclectic. I love Willie Nelson, Robert O’Keenan, a lot of the Texas music that’s come out too,” Guthrie said.

The influence of the bands thriving during Guthrie’s high school career show in music today.

“The music that you grow up with is hard to get away from and even bands like Foo Fighters and like Audioslave; like I said, a lot of those bands are influenced by the other bands I mentioned, like the Van Halens and those bands from the 70’s. They in turn were influenced by Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.”

This chain of influence continues to grow as more music develops.

“The roots go back to the blues and gospel music  and each time that a new limb comes off, it’s a little different from the other limb, so you have limbs that are like blues. Guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn, that kind of Texas blues, ZZ Top. Then you have guys that went more hard rock and metal varieties, and each limb keeps branching out and branching out,” Guthrie said.

He continues to search for new music to add to his playlist, continuing to find similarities.

“One of my favorite things to do now with music is to find bands that are really young guys, in their twenties, who you can still hear them mimic bands like Van Halen and hear them mimic bands like Led Zepplin. That, to me, is really cool because it kinda, to me, shows that the music I grew up listening to is still being enjoyed by younger people, and not just old people like me that are 50,” Guthrie said.


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