Annual college night for NEISD at Blossom

by Lauren Loveless | staff writer

NEISD  will be hosting the annual college night from 6 pm to 8 pm on Nov 1. College Night is an event where students are given the opportunity to find out more about colleges, from in state and out of state, and what the requirements are to attend the school.

“We’re going to have over one hundred colleges that will be there, both from in Texas and outside of Texas. All the major schools from Texas are there, you know Texas Tech, Texas A&M, UT, University of Houston, Texas Lutheran, North Texas State; just hundreds of schools will be there,” counselor Patricia Snider said.

College Night will be completely free, but the hosts suggest that students sign up on a website so the colleges will have their information.  

Students will be given the opportunity to learn more about the colleges they are interested in, and if they meet the school’s requirements.  

“The students will go to each representative at the colleges they’re interested in, and the whole idea is to meet with them and to ask them about their school; what kind of majors that they offer, what the admission requirements are,” Snider said. “Maybe even what it takes to transfer to their school from a junior or community college, what kind of organizations they offer at their school, what their graduation rate is.”

College campus night is recommended for juniors and seniors to attend, but it is open to all grades. A parent financial aid session will be offered for parents at Piper Bass at 6 pm and 7 pm. There will also be food trucks on hand and a shuttle for attendees from the gym to Piper Bass.

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