Call of Duty WW2: Does it live up to the hype?

by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer

Warning: Tons of spoilers from the new Call of Duty game…

With another year comes a new Call of Duty game, The newest installment in the COD franchise goes back to the series’ historical roots with this installment being set during World War Two. This game did several things right – but also did several things wrong

First, the good: getting rid of the auto health regeneration made the game more realistic; instead you had to find First Aid kits that were strewn about or you had to rely on the squad medic to give you the kits. The squad system introduced in WW2 was a welcome change from the norm. Each member of your squad had a certain ability that helped you in combat with things like med kits, ammo, and a spotting thing that helped you find enemies you couldn’t see. The multiplayer (arguably one of the most important things in COD) had a kind of layered match with multiple objectives in one game making the match more intense. In this COD game your character is not some kind of superhuman able to do superhuman things like in previous COD games.

Next, the bad: The first level in the game is the Normandy invasion and compared to other games that featured this event this was bad. It had a good atmosphere, but the level felt too easy. It felt like the distance from the landing craft to the barbed wire was too short, this was suppose to be the deadliest amphibious in history. The train chase scene was a little too over the top, especially how your character doesn’t get injured what so ever from an EXPLODING TRAIN. The conflict between Pierson and Turner was pretty pointless. Pierson should have been court martialed for disobeying direct orders from a superior officer.

All and all, despite the flaws in this game I had a good time playing this so I would give this game C+. I would still recommend it for all those who enjoy the Call of Duty franchise.

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