by Sofia Colignon | staff writer

During Thanksgiving break, the Safe Driving Club, will be attending to a meeting with the members of the San Antonio City Council to discuss public awareness campaigns in any way in order to educate the public about the law in San Antonio that prohibits texting and driving.

“We realized that, although the city of San Antonio has a lot in place that prohibits texting while driving, or using your cellphone while driving, not a lot of people know about it, and so it’s to avoid getting a $200 fine or more severe penalties. We’re trying to educate people so that this situation does not arise,” president Jack Morgan said.

Students can support the club and city’s efforts by not driving distracted. Specifically by not texting and driving.

“The new iPhone update actually has a characteristic that you can turn on in settings, where it’ll automatically send a text to people who try to notify you saying that you’re driving, so students can participate using that, as well as they can tell their parents not to text and drive while they’re in the car to not endanger anyone on the road,” Morgan said.

The club is still open to all students. Meetings are usually the first Wednesday of every month at 8:15 in the MPR room in the library. In their meetings, the club tries to arrange events such as this meeting with the City Council to promote making our roads as safe as possible and inform others of the consequences one could face if one isn’t careful.

“We hope to continue to spread our message to San Antonio and to the rest of Texas if possible,” Morgan said.

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