The show won’t go on : no plans for senior talent show

by Lauryn Hughes | staff writer

This year because of the one day testing schedule, administration has chosen to forgo the talent show, and instead take the seniors on a field trip to Alamo Drafthouse. According to senior class sponsor Megan Cobb, the change in plans came as a result of the testing schedule changing.

“In the past we have done a talent show and a senior field trip in the days that the entire school is testing, it’s for EOC English testing days which are in April. Because of the Texas education agency, and the ways that they set up testing the last couple years, we do not have the entire school testing on two days. It’s just one day. We had to decide whether we were doing a talent show or going on a field trip,” Cobb said.

The decision wasn’t easy, but ultimately the choice was to go on a field trip

“In the past we did the talent show and didn’t have a field trip,” Cobb said. ‘Some seniors were happy with that, but some seniors were upset because they wanted to go on a field trip. So, this year we are flip-flopping it, we’re doing a field trip and no talent show.”

While most seniors are happy about the decision to take a trip instead of the talent show, there are some who find true value in it like senior Valerie Matias.

“The senior talent show to me, is a very special thing. I say this because we all wait four years for this event and then it’s finally our turn. We gather up with our friends and participate. It’s our last time all together as seniors before graduation, so this time is precious. I think for the most part everyone really enjoys [it] (including myself). It’s just a humbling and wonderful experience,” Matias said.

The decision of changing the Johnson tradition will be both positive and negative for all 2018 seniors, but the effects will be seen.

“Both the senior talent show and the senior field trip serve a great purpose. Personally, I truly enjoy seeing all of my classmates at school. I’ve seen them almost everyday for the past four years. So, to have a field trip where all of us could handing out and bond is a great privilege.” Matias said. “Having an opportunity to talk to people you may not know well is really cool too. Another favorite event for the seniors in the talent show, because it brings friends together and to with your classmates display their talents is very enjoyable. Senior year is a blast and these two events make it much better.”

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