Icy weather forces Feb 19 make-up day

By Jonah Besenty|Staff Writer

The ice day on Jan 16 will be made up President’s Day. 

“It’s gonna be Feb 19 because the State of Texas requires students to attend a certain number of days each year. If we were to miss another day, then we have to make it up, they would have another day to the calendar at the end of the year. When the district calendar is determined for the next school year there’s always scheduled inclement weather makeup days. So every calendar each year has those built-in,” Cynthia Rhinehart said.

Because of the rescheduling, the district will want to notify students and parents to avoid absences.

“I’m sure Mr. Mehlbrech will sent out his weekly emails to the parents. The district will post it on the district webpage, and I’m sure they will do a callout for that as well, so there will be plenty of communication via phone, emails, and wherever else there’s a possibility to post stuff. That day was originally scheduled to be a staff development day for teachers, they will not be getting that opportunity on that day, for any professional development,” Rhinehart said.


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