Social studies trips only on a break

by Lauryn Hughes | staff writer

Summers used to mean travel abroad for students who would sign up for trips sponsored by social studies teacher Justin Felux. Student history enthusiasts have looked forward to Felux trips around the globe, but the past few years he has forgone the trips.

“We would go on trips in the summer to different places around the world. The first one we did we went to China. Then we took several to Europe. We also did one trip to Peru. It’s just a way for then to see some of the places that we learn about in history,” Felux said.

After last summer, Felux has stopped organizing the trips.

“It got to be kind difficult thing to organize it takes up a big chunk of your summer, putting it all together, getting kids prepared; a lot of times they have to get passports and paperwork. You have to reassure the parents and make sure that communication is good,” Felux said.

And it hasn’t been world affairs or expense that has caused the trips to stop.

“It really just became a lot of work to organize these things,so I just decided to take a couple years off from doing it,” Felux said. “I don’t expect that I’ll never do it again. I probably will do it again at some point. But yeah, just taking a break for a while.”


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