Black Panther stands apart from pack of Marvel movies

by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer

Black Panther is one of the most hyped movies of this year and now that it is out it can face the most terrifying movie critic in the history of movie critics: me, clearly. I’m gonna start by saying that I love all of Marvels movies so there is a bit of bias, along with the fact that people were hyping this movie saying that it was Marvel’s best movie.

First we start with the good: the fact that this movie is set in Africa in a country that hides all of its technological advancements from the world is already an interesting setting for a superhero movie. In the movie there is a lot of Tribal ceremonies that give a very authentic feel for a culture that sticks to old traditions in spite of their peoples’ technology level. Black Panther may not have any superpowers, but you want to know what he does have? He has a cool panther looking suit that has claws and he has knowledge of different fighting techniques that gives him the edge in combat and he’s also rich- so that probably helps as well. Lastly, the accents. The accent of characters can make or break a movie and in this case it definitely made the movie with the characters having well done accents that really made this installment of Marvel unique.

And now the dreaded bad: There was nothing too terrible in Black Panter, except for one big thing, the villains. There were two main baddies and they were seriously lacking. The first one was alright, a little crazy, but he was alright. Now the the second one is were we start to have problems, this person is probably the lamest villain I’ve recently seen in a superhero movie. His motivations were kinda lacking and would of been affected even if he did succeed. And too top it all off, he had a tragic backstory- not like we haven’t seen that before.

My final verdict: While maybe not Marvels number one superhero movie, this was a pretty decent installment in their franchise and is definitely worth a watch if you like superhero movies.


I give Black Panther an A-

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