Top 10 Things that Should be Left in 2017

by Jeremy Reyes & David Kent | staff writers

 With the end of 2017, we say goodbye to one year and hello to another. We had a lot of fun memes and trends, some of which are still popular right now. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that we really wish was left in 2017. Here are some trends from last year that ought to stay there.

#1 Fidget Spinners

The obvious choice for our number one spot is of course….FIDGET SPINNERS! Who would’ve guessed that the the most cringey thing on our list would be these lille plastic (sometimes metal) spinny toys. What started out as a little trinket to keep kids with ADHD concentrating in class turned into an obnoxious trend that we wish would just disappear and stay gone, never to return again.

#2 Dabbing

Dabbing would’ve been the number one choice if fidget spinners weren’t a thing. That’s right, dabbing should be left in 2017 and that’s final. It’s been done so many times, and done wrong so many times over and over- it should just stop existing. Dabbing came from some random song, but all anyone remembers is the dabbing! Hopefully it’s forgotten in 2018. 

#3 EA Loot Boxes

Everyone hates EA, well at least a majority of the gaming community does. EA is infamous for making half-completed video games, forcing you to pay extra for content that was purposely cut from the already completed game. EA just wants to ‘milk’ the gaming community to steal all of their money for their own financial gain. Then there’s Battlefront 2, a game everyone was excited for but then they decided to include loot boxes, basically forcing you to buy said loot boxes to do better in multiplayer than others. EA does this purely for greed, and they need to play by the rules this year…seriously.

#4 Male Rompers

Seriously the male romper is something I hope to the universe stays dead for millenas to come.  This thing looks like it would be worn by someone who gets left on read by their mom and/or little sister. There are tons of absolutely fantastic styles of clothes for men to wear but this is definitely not one of them.

#5 “Cash me ousside howbow dah” – Danielle Bregoli

Where to even start? The fact that this person got famous off being on Dr.Phil should tell us how far we have degraded as a society. I think the sadder part of this story is the fact that this girl got signed to a record company to make music, all after one of the most cringe worthy Dr.Phil episodes to date.

#6 Szechuan Sauce Craze

Okay, where do we even begin with this? The sauce first got famous off of the popular show “Rick & Morty”…and then it kind of exploded. It was being sold for a limited time at Mcdonalds for about…$15,000!! Yup, $15,000 for one thing of stupid sauce that most people don’t care about. Like, what type of person is gonna waste their money on a tiny thing of sauce that’s gonna expire in like a month?! Plus, believe it or not, people actually got violent and aggressive about the sauce. Oh no, you couldn’t buy a thing of SAUCE? NOBODY CARES!!!

#7 The Paul Brothers

The Paul brothers are the worst example of influencers on Youtube, especially for their audience, which mainly consists of children. They don’t care about what they post on Youtube, they do it primarily for the monetary gain like the most recent controversy with Logan Paul and the clickbait controversy from Jake Paul. Basically, they’ve both messed up big multiple times and they’ve received little to no consequences. Not a lot of people like them, especially after what Logan Paul recently did while visiting Japan.

8# Gucci Gang

Another piece of absolutely wonderful music that will last to the end of time; just kidding this song was a dumpster fire. Nothing spells the beginning of a good song like saying the phrase “Gucci Gang” over and over and over again. I would not mind the atrocious lyrics, if there was decent music to the song, but alas it twas not to be.

#9 Rainbow food trend

Let’s be honest, we all know what this one’s about: the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks. This colorful frappuccino was the the embodiment of diabetes and the fact that anyone would want to ingest that much sugar is absolutely hysterical.

#10 The Pickle Food Trend

Some trends are good, others are bad. Then there’s the pickle food trend, it’s absolutely terrible. One example of the pickle food trend is the pickle cupcakes Nobody would eat that or like it, it probably tastes terrible. Why would anyone even want to eat pickle food like a pickle sandwich or a pickle dessert. It doesn’t’ even make sense as to why people would even eat it at all!! Hopefully 2018 brings better flavors or trends altogether.

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