Top ten things turning ten

by Emma Fischer | staff writer

With the new year, things are constantly being changed, replaced and created. It’s incredible how things seem so young but have been around longer than we could remember. Here is the list of top ten things turning a decade old.

10). Bakugan Warrior Action Figures I don’t know about you, but I loved these when I was younger. That was all I wanted for my birthday. I remember throwing them against the refrigerator to see if they would pop open. Everyone I knew had one and just like fidget spinners in 2017, these were the things that every kid wanted.

9). Love Story In 2008, Taylor Swift was still a part of the “innocent country girl” group, singing about ‘Romeo’ coming to love her in a gentle country toon. Her song “Love Story” turns ten this year.

8). Wall-E This fantasy/science fiction/romance is full of humor and action. Wall-E a robot programed to clean up Earth, runs into E.V.E, a robot more advanced programed to find life on Earth. After he gets yanked into space, he goes on an adventure of a lifetime.

7). Bolt This heartwarming disney movie about a dog who believes he has superpowers had its tenth birthday this year. After he is separated from Penny, his owner, he has to travel the country to find her. In this process, he discovers the truth about his fake abilities and learns what being a dog truly means and makes friends in the process.

6). Iron Man Marvel’s first multi-million dollar movie that jump started the Avengers came out ten years ago. This movie was one of the few that started the spark of the movie saga.

5). Poker Face This song by Lady Gaga has been used countless times in movies and TV shows. Her legacy of music has continued to grow and one of her classics is turning ten in 2018.

4). Single Ladies Single Ladies is also turning a decade old in 2018. Beyonce’s music had spread out and grown from some of her beginning songs and classics.

3). Mama Mia This classic musical brought to life on the big screen turns a decade this year. Featuring famous stars like Meryl Streep, the songs leave a mark on the years following.

2). High School Musical 3 Everyone remembers this fun movie full of dancing and music. When I was younger, I thought that this movie was how high school worked, now I know differently. Even after ten years, it’s legacy and actors remain strong.

1). Johnson High School Who could forget our own high school? It opened in 2008 and grew to be a strong contender in NEISD. Our academic, sports and fine arts expanded as the years went on. For ten years, our status as a high school has grown and through many things, we are the champions.

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