Arcades still offer fun, nostalgia

by Jeremy Reyes|staff writer

Ah the arcade, in the ancient days of the 1980’s and 90’s these fun-filled gaming halls use to be everywhere. Your parents would most likely tell you about how they would take their spare change and spend hours of their lives playing the classics such as Pac-man and Street Fighter. Nowadays with gaming consoles and PC’s the arcade has been rendered almost obsolete. Almost, there are still a good few scattered throughout the city.

Diversions Game Room

This is as close as you’re going to get to a traditional arcade. While most today are combined with other entertainment, Diversions is a pure arcade with games that are an absolute blast to play. Unlike other arcade-like places like Main Event, you can get a real bang for your buck with just a few dollars. This was probably the first arcade i’ve ever been to and i could definitely vouch for this place when I say, “if you like retro games, this is the place to be.”

Address: 9900 San Pedro Ave

RikRic OtakuCafe

Do you like anime? Do you like arcades? If you answered yes to any of these questions you absolutely have to check this place out. All of the games are anime themed and this arcade’s specialty is fighting games. From well known games like Street Fighter to not-so-well known games where you make your favorite anime characters fight to the death, this place has it all. If you like anime but are terrible at fighting games like I am they have a lot of tables and chairs set up to where you can just sit back,relax and watch whatever anime they have playing on the TV. If you’re hungry they have a lot of Japanese snacks like Pocky which you can buy for a fair price. And if you have money to burn take a gander at the anime merchandise that they have for sell, yeah that’s the only thing in there that is not cheap. This is my favorite arcade in San Antonio

Address: 5525 Blanco Rd #109

University Bowl

A wonderful blend of an arcade and a bowling alley. The combination of the two just means that you can have double the fun, once you’re done bowling you can go play some good ‘ole arcade games. Though this place is a little far away it is definitely a good way to waste some time on the weekend.

Address: 12332 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd #10

Main Event

This place is definitely one of the more popular “arcades.” It has a ton of games so I am pretty sure that counts as an arcade. In addition to having all the games in the world, Main Event has a bowling alley and laser tag. My only gripe with this fun place is the fact that everything is kinda sorta overpriced to death. Other than that Main Event is a fun place with a fun atmosphere.

Address: 1911 N Loop 1604 E

Dave and Busters

This place is basically Main Event but with a much more affordable price. The only downside with this place is that it’s pretty far away. Other than that Dave and Busters is a fun place with good food, fun games and a good atmosphere. D&B is also close to the Wonderlands of the Americas mall so that’s also cool.

Address: 440 Crossroads Blvd

Laser Legend

A disclaimer: this is the only place on this list I have not been to. Even though I haven’t been here this place it looks like a swell time. In addition to the arcade it also has a laser tag arena, mini golf and the all important pizza. On LL’s website they claim they are “family-friendly” i hope that does not mean the games are watered down but I will keep an open mind.

Address: 7505 N Loop 1604 E #101

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