“A Quiet Place” is a fresh revitaliser for the horror movie genre

by Jeremy Reyes| staff writer


“A Quiet Place” is easily one of the best horror films in awhile with its suspense building plot that will make you scared to even breathe. What makes this movie different from almost every other horror movie is the plot that has rarely if ever been utilized: silence. While most horror movies have killers or ghosts and monsters, this movie uses an unnerving silence in addition to hearing sensitive aliens to really drive the suspense home.

A Quiet Place is directed by John Krasinski who also stars in the movie. You might know him better as Jim from “The Office.” This is his first big role since “The Office” concluded in 2013. For someone who hasn’t had a major role in five years he did a phenomenal job. Other important roles included the talented Emily Blunt as the mother and Millicent Simmons as the daughter who is deaf in the movie and in real life.

The blind aliens who serve as the antagonists also really make the movie in addition to the crippling silence. Fast, deadly, and very perceptive to sound. These aliens strike at almost a moments notice a second after they hear you,if you make even the slightest sound they will find you. Another strength the movie has is to make simple objects like a rusty nail be very scary.

As good as the movie is there are faults to be found because no movie is perfect. There are some glaring Plot holes throughout the movie. Why not live by the waterfall instead of living in the quietest place on earth? Live by a river? What happens when you snore during your sleep? Why didn’t they find a way to soundproof at least one room in the house?

Other than a “few” plot holes the movie was an excellent and welcome change to the horror movie genre which has a repetition for its movies being pretty much one in the same. This is the only time that i’ve seen a horror movie and thought “I can’t wait for the sequel.” I would definitely see A Quiet Place again


                                                  My rating: A-

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