Coachella on your couch

If you are like many of your fellow students at school you do not have a $889 ticket to Coachella. You may be sad and very jealous, but lucky for you I am giving you all the inside details on the top 10 things going on at Coachella. As well as providing you with a resource to live stream coachella on your phone, tablet, computer e.t.c.  If you are interested in seeing more Coachella click here.

1.) Queen B had us all shook at the Coachella open

Beyonce’s opening made history, Beyonce was the first ever black woman to headline for Coachella. Her performance went on for a lengthy two hours, B revealed surprise after surprise making her performance one for the books. #Beychella

2.)  The Weeknd a broken man

The Weeknd performs his new songs “Call out my name” and breaks down on stage. He wrote the song in spite of a broken heart with ex girlfriend Selena Gomez which made for an awkward silence in the crowd.

3.) Yodeling boy

First he yodeled his way to Ellen and now Coachella. Don’t we all wish we could be him? Eleven year old Mason Ramsey (yodel boy) opened for DJ Whethan on the first week of Coachella. The festival goers cheered Ramsey on, but the loudest of them all was Justin Bieber. Bieber is a big fan of Ramsey and made sure to congratulate and talk to Ramsey after the show.

4.) Destiny Child Reunites

The original 3 made a duo at Coachella and sang “Say My Name”, “Lose My Breath” and “Soldier”. It was a huge surprise that revealed itself during Beyonce’s performance.

5.) Being pregnant doesn’t stop Cardi B

Cardi B performs tracks from her new album “Invasion of Privacy” which has debuted to number 1 on the Billboard 200. She also busted out some dance moves and the crowd went wild.

6.) Declan McKenna one of the youngest people to perform

Declan McKenna 19, performs alternative pop at Coachella for the first time. All the way from London McKenna certainly made a name for himself that night.

7.) Perfect Circle plays tribute to David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Prince

The Perfect Circle had a performed on a Friday with their new “So long, And thanks for all the fish” from their latest album Eat The Elephant. Those songs were made to honor former stars that had passed such as David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Prince. Such references were made to the stars in their former glory, “Now Willie Wonka, Major Tom, Ali and Leia have moved on/Signal the final curtain call/In all this atomic pageantry”.

8.)SZA brought the fire

SZA decided to make her performance like Coachella and brought an actual campsite to the stage; swing set, trampoline, fire and e.t.c

9.) Eminem makes a comeback

Eminem who has been dormant for years made a major comeback with his original mentors Dr. Dre and 50 Cent on Saturday night with the original hit “The Real Slim Shady”

10.) The outfits are always on fleek

One of reasons people want to attend Coachella is for the fashion. Coachella had been named this years “most fashionable festival”. It’s all about what you wear.








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