by Emma Fischer | feature editor

Screaming, jumping, and yelling in the stands, sophomore Kaylani Philavong dances her stand routines with the rest of the pep squad, but with the band gone for competitions and games, she notices how much quieter the stands seem to be.

Band’s victory at BOA Austin means that they will be attending the football games for the next four weeks before BOA San Antonio, making the stands a little louder in the meantime.

“They bring school spirit. They get everyone pumped for the game and keep them excited throughout. It’s kind of sad and boring when they are gone. It’s almost too quiet,” Philavong said.

Throughout the fall nine weeks, games happen every week, and at most games, the band is there to cheer the players on and perform at half-time. When they aren’t there, the absence is felt. 

“It’s horrible when the band is not at games. It’s really sad because we can’t really get pumped up and I think the football players rely on the band to get them pumped up as well. When there is no music, the energy of the game kind of goes down, and it’s not as fun. When the other team has a band and we don’t, that’s even worse,” junior Natalie Tavitas said.

The band adds to the atmosphere and excitement of each game.

“I think they are wanted at games because it sort of adds a level of excitement when is not there when they are gone,” sophomore Peyton Craft said.

At games, getting people excited for it is a fundamental aspect.

“I honestly think that everyone, even the football players, dancers, students and teachers, want to hear the band because they are so loud and they bring so much energy to the whole stadium. So, when there is so much energy, even the football players will play off of that energy,” senior Catherine Kaman said. “They will play even harder. The dancers get even more crazy when the band is playing. The students just scream when the band is playing. Everyone there just gets so excited and energetic to be there. People just have so much more energy. The band is just so loud and powerful.”

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Emma Fischer is a junior and this is her second year as feature editor. In her free time, she can be found playing with the band on her oboe, at her dance studio (La Performing Arts), writing or reading.

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