Jugo Juicery offers healthy food and juices to jumpstart your day

by Lauryn Hughes| staff writer

With an aesthetic atmosphere that’s almost straight out of Instagram, Jugo Juicery is spreading new trends closer to campus. From acai bowls to fresh pressed juices, the new juicery has it all. The juicery is a new option for healthy snacks and a place to hang out before or after school.

“The inspiration was to bring something healthy and nutritious to communities. But as far as the inspiration, to just bring healthy snacks to the community for family members and kids to be able to enjoy something healthy, regardless of whatever they eat. They can always come to a place to get their antioxidants and just healthy food,” manager Aaron Velasco said.

Even if you’re not near campus, there are still locations you can go to if you want a bowl or some juice.

“We actually have a total of 11 locations. We have six here in San Antonio, five in Houston, and we look forward to expand Colorado here in the next year or so,” Velasco said.

Prices might be considered expensive at about $8 an item but everything made at the juicery is made from organic and local ingredients.

Purify juice from Jugo Juicery. Photo by: Lauryn Hughes
Purify juice from Jugo Juicery. Photo by Lauryn Hughes



“As far as the ingredients, everything we do have is organic. We make the juices in a remote location here in San Antonio and distribute them among our stores, but as far as the juices they are all pressed with organic products. For the superfoods that we get they are all sources locally, for example our honey and bee pollen its sourced from Fredericksburg so that’s very local, but yes everything is organic,” Velasco said.

The  location is convenient for students craving healthier options.

“What drew us here to this locations is: one, we have a lot of health conscious people in this area; two, it gives the highschool students a great place to come hang out and do their homework if they need to. We have wifi, they can enjoy a bowl or a smoothie. It’s a place of inspiration and hope so that if a person is looking to start a healthy journey we can help guide them towards achieving their goals,” Velasco said.


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