Free birdseed and paint: Plywood offers theater students new creative space

by Emma Fischer | feature editor

As the theatre department left the hallways, all their hands were covered in paint. The students that worked on the mural leading to the band hall head to their last period, ready to work on it the next day and the next until it is finished.

“You gave theatre students a wall, so we painted it,” Sophie Wright, a sophomore, said. “Thompson came up with the idea and then we picked an image. It just kind of happened.”

Man runs into road run tunnel
Photo by Arianna Michaud

Over the course of two weeks, they worked on the project, a picture from a famous scene from Looney Tunes.

“It started off as the whole class. As the work got less and less, people broke off to do other things. It went from all of us painting the base, then sketching it to painting the colors over it. It took just six or seven people,” Wright said.

To keep the plain plywood from looking dull, the theatre department took it as their job to make it colorful and exciting.

“Our director gave the idea. She said something to Mr. Mehlbrech and he said ‘let’s do it,’ so we decided to do the Looney Tunes wall,” junior Hannah Hansen said.

Although they could have picked anything, they chose the scene from the Looney Tunes cartoon, the one with a fake tunnel, so they can paint one of their own.

“The mural in the theatre department is it of the looney tunes cartoon, where the roadrunner runs through the wall. The coyote dude builds this fake tunnel and so we built this fake tunnel. There is going to be a bowl with a sign that says ‘free bird seed’ since the bowel has bird seed. It’s going to be really cute,” Wright said. “We’re theatre. If we have a wall, we’re going to pant it.”

They are not finished, but the end result will be a smash, much like the way the coyote slammed into the wall during the cartoon.

Photo by Arianna Michaud

“We wanted to do something creative because the door was blocked with this huge piece of plywood and we wanted to express ourselves,” Hansen said.

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