Mr. Fish and Bull Gogi food truck brings new food to San Antonio

by David Kent | staff writer

With a dog friendly atmosphere that is open to families and college students alike, The Block is a food truck park that offers a wide variety of food from korean to seafood, they have it all! Located off of UTSA Boulevard, at 14530 Roadrunner Way, this food truck park allows people to try delicious and relatively cheap alternatives compared to restaurants and fast-food chains.

The Block cycles through a number of food trucks on a daily and weekly basis. This offers people a new selection of different food almost everyday, so that there is something new and fresh every time you go. You can find out what type of food trucks will be at The Block by checking their website under the tab “calendar” or by checking their official Facebook page.

Two of the most unique food trucks at The Block are, Mr. Fish Taco Truck and Bull Gogi Boys Korean Food Truck. The Mr. Fish food truck offers gourmet fish tacos, while Bull Gogi Boys offers Korean Barbecue.

Having never tried korean food beforehand, I didn’t know what to expect. I went with the fried dumplings and can regrettably say that I wish I had bought more Korean food. BullGogi offers a wide variety of different types of korean food, such as a chicken rice bowl, dumplings, and other distinctive korean dishes. The Korean food is a unique alternative to the Tex-mex food which is typically found in San Antonio.

The fish and shrimp tacos at the Mr. Fish food truck were good. They were really good. Even though I only had two of the main entrees out of a total of ten main entrees, the fish tacos and shrimp tacos spoke volumes about the quality of the food at Mr. Fish. The tacos were a messy combination of ingredients yet they only added to the overlay aesthetic quality of the food. The orange sauce drizzled on top took me back to memories of the delicious sauce from Cane’s, coming in at a close second to Cane’s signature orange sauce.

The Block is about thirty minutes away from campus , yet the drive is worth it, for the delicious food and inexpensive cost.


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