The pocket crisis

Emma Fischer| feature editor

There is a Pinterest post that says, “Whoever decided ‘let’s make fake pockets just for funzies,’ I hate you.” There is some truth in that. When I buy a dress, skirt or leggings and I discover that there are pockets, I freak out. I have gone back to the store to get another skirt/dress/leggings in a different color in the same brand because of the pockets.

This shouldn’t be a big deal to begin with. We should just have pockets normally. It should be a normal thing to find pockets in skirts, leggings, jeans, and dresses, but it is rare. Women want pockets too.

What makes me crazy is that men’s clothing always has pockets. It is difficult to find men’s clothing without pockets(If they exist). Do you think that women do not want pockets? If you think that, you’re dead wrong.

The classic, stereotypical relationship between male and female has been for years that the man carries the woman’s things. The argument is that if men carry the woman’s things, we don’t need pockets. Okay, listen; we want to carry our own stuff. Sometimes we don’t want others to carry it.

Sometimes we do not trust the other person. I rarely let my most trusted friends carry my phone and wallet and half the time, I don’t want to carry a purse. What if the purse doesn’t match? What if the outfit doesn’t fit? What if I don’t want to carry a purse in the first place, mess with the straps and throw it over my shoulder every time I get up. Having pockets would allow me to just get up and leave. It is attached to my outfit. I could forget a purse, but I cannot forget a pocket.

Also, what if you are not in a relationship? Or the relationship involves two females? There aren’t enough pockets to satisfy us all.

Even if we are in a relationship, that doesn’t mean we want our stuff to be carried for us. Come on. It’s 2018. Women are not helpless.

We never were.

Let’s talk about fake pockets.

I have no words for fake pockets that do not involve an asterisk. Doesn’t it take more time to sew the hole of the pocket closed than to just leave it open? You have to put the fabric over the jean anyway. Just leave the pockets open. Leave. Them. Alone.

What happens when I’m listening to music and walking around? If I have no pockets, I cannot slide my phone somewhere close and be busy doing other things. My phone will constantly be occupying a free hand, which limits what I can accomplish.

Sweatshirts without pockets make me so angry. Why would you have a sweatshirt/hoodie if there are no pockets? Where do you rest your hands and keep them warm? I have found hoodies/sweatshirts that I thought were cute. I loved them. As soon as I find out they don’t have pockets, I don’t even bother purchasing them. Where do you think these clothing items are? The woman’s clothing section.

Another argument is that pockets on the side make our hips look bigger. Do you think we don’t want that? Even if we didn’t, we can just slim the pockets down. They do not have to be big and bulky like men’s pockets.

Pockets on our shirts that are not supportive enough to hold anything useful are dead to me. There is no point in a pocket if it is useless. The pockets half-hanging off on shirts are a waste of fabric as well. You can’t put anything in those even if you tried.

Pockets in jeans that are only an inch deep are useless. I can barely fit a chapstick in there. I need it to carry my phone, not a lipstick I may or may not use.

Giving us pockets would save a lot of fabric. Cut down on the purses and give us pockets. In the world we live today, pockets can guarantee the safety of our things. We can trust ourselves with our phone.

We can’t always trust others.


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