Creep It real

by Sofia Colignon | news editor

Should trick or treating have an age limit? This is a question everyone, especially high school students, ask themselves every year. Is it okay for them to walk around in a costume knocking on doors and asking for candy at their age? Some people might say they’re too old to be doing that sort of thing but, at the same time, they’re too young to be doing other sorts of things during Halloween.

So who says trick or treating should have an age limit? Honestly, during this time of the year, I always see more teenagers getting excited about dressing up and going trick or treating than the actual kids. Now, I’m not saying little kids don’t enjoy Halloween and this time of the year, which I feel like is everyone’s favorite, but there is something about 14, 15 ,and 16 year-olds trick or treating that is just so much fun. Whatever teenage drama or phase they might be going through, they put it all aside on this day to go back to being five, and there is just something so special in that; their spirits are so contagious.

And here’s the thing—a lot of people criticize these older kids because they say they’re a little “too old to be trick or treating” but, the way I see it, these kids are celebrating this holiday in a safe environment. To them, Halloween is just an excuse to be able to dress up, hang out with friends , and eat candy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Kids going out to trick or treat are just kids having fun, and adults telling them they’re too old to be doing that kind of thing does make them feel bad for just wanting to have fun on this holiday and wanting free candy.

Another reason—the candy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re never going to say no to free candy. And if you can find an excuse to knock on people’s doors and have them give you candy at least once a year, then don’t let it slip through your hands.

Overall, Halloween is just a fun holiday and the start of, I feel like, everyone’s favorite season. If kids want to go out trick or treating, let them be. If they wanna stay in, that’s cool too. But adults shouldn’t criticize kids, no matter how old they are, for wanting to go trick or treating. It’s just a fun, characteristic activity of this time of the year, and it’s fun, no matter how old you are. 

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