Why I Don’t Like Politics

By Eric Martinez | staff writer

American politics are the worst. America is a nation of many problems that can be resolved quickly, but they are never answered. This is because of radicals and puppet masters in the government.

My grandparents have told me that America hasn’t been so divided since the Vietnam War; especially in the digital age where we are encouraged to remain in political bubbles. This leaves no room for improvement, which is when America has been most successful. Without moderation, America is left in a gridlock position.

These gridlocks and government shutdowns are purposefully caused because it looks like the right thing to do for one party. In the end, it is Congress minorities acting like the majority to keep the government hostage until terms are meant. This has happened in the Obama administration and the Trump administration.

Along with this childish way of handling politics, there is undying loyalty to political parties. Like dogs following a bad owner, there’s no questioning to their owner’s command. This reaction shows the blind loyalty to political parties and the parties thinking for their supporters instead of them thinking for themselves.

Another problem is political bubbles. Political bubbles happen when someone keeps looking up only one side of the argument which leads to an inbox that only upholds their opinion. These bubbles lead to debate outside of those who agree with them, but it comes to no conclusion or resolution. This makes it really hard to debate or discuss with those who don’t have the same political alignment as oneself.

Unbiased and moderate discussion needs to happen. With little to no compromise in Congress; playing the blame game, encouraging political bubbles, and meaningless discussion can only lead to radicals being elected into office. This cannot continue. This nation was built on compromise; so America, as a whole, needs to stop following others blindly and open their eyes to the monsters that are the political parties.

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