Dear Slow People

by David Kent | staff writer


Dear slow people, move out of the way. Whenever I’m walking in the hallway, there’s always that one person who walks as slow as a turtle. They’re either on their phone doing who knows what or just taking their sweet and precious time walking to class. The absolute nerve of those people!  I’m just trying to get to class on time and then there’s that one person who cares way too much about their snapchat streaks than actually watching where they’re going.

Everyone at some point in their lives has walked a little too slow. I’ve done it on accident once or twice, however that doesn’t excuse people from doing it. That’s not to say you can’t be on your phone in the hallway, but you need to walk at a normal pace.

Then we come across the people who stop in the hallway for no reason. In some cases, I even end up walking into those people because of how abruptly they stopped, and then they want me to apologize for walking into them. It isn’t my fault that you stopped and I walked into you. If anything, the person who I walked into should apologize to me for stopping out of nowhere. There’s a thing called common courtesy, people need to look it up and try to follow it.

The whole issue of people walking slowly and stopping randomly in the hallway, relates to a more pressing and underlying issue with the current generation. We are so engrossed in what is happening on our phones and on social media networks, that we tend to become distracted from day-to-day procedures. This generation focuses more on their public image, the amount of followers they have social media, and what is happening on their mobile phones, than what is actually going on around them and in society.

The people of this generation need to become more engaged in the community and the world in general. They have a lot of varied opinions about what is going on, yet they don’t share their opinions because they’re either too distracted or they’re afraid of being judged by their peers. So do us all a favor and look up from your screen and appreciate the world around you whether that be in the hallway, on the bus, or simply sitting in your eight period chemistry class.

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