Shop Till You Drop

by Jonah Besenty | staff writer


With full bellies, so much it hurts, you and so many other still manage to get up at five a.m. on a Friday, to go where exactly? You head to your local shopping markets to line up outside the store to save hundreds of dollars on toys and other gifts. Well I have searched the internet to find you some of the best deals for black friday so you can know what to put into your cart.


Beats earphones

Original Price: $199.99

New Price: $89.99

Good deal or not?

The Beats earphones are 50%  off which may seem like a good deal, but when you begin to evaluate the overall product the price still seems a bit high. Beats earphones although very trendy, have had many issues.


JBL Flip 4 waterproof speaker

Original price $99.99

New Price $59.99  

Good deal or not?

This deal is good because of the price. I also recommended this because other JBL speakers that aren’t waterproof sell for higher prices and can be easily  damaged. This speaker is something you should bring with you if you go to a beach or lake.



Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera

Original Price $749.99

New Price $399.99

Good deal or not

This deal is good because the camera is of top quality most sites have a rating of 4.5/5 for the camera it’s one of the best out there and for a 46% discount of $749.99 this is a must buy for anyone interested in photography or if you need a new camera.

Pad 6th generation

Original Price $329

New Price $249

Good deal or not

This is a good deal, although, iPads are not as popular as other apple products. This is a good deal for a product that normally is expensive. I also think that iPads are a nice gift to buy for someone you know.


Vivitar Aero-View Video Drone

Original Price $129

New Price $69

Good deal or not?

This drone is of very good quality and most customers who have purchased this product have not had problems. Even though it’s not the cream of the crop of drones it’s possibly the best budget drone out right now.


Xbox One X

Original Price $499

New Price $399

Good deal or not?

This is a good deal because it’s the newly released Xbox One X and will feature upcoming exclusive games that can only be used on the Xbox consoles. I definitely think you should get this Xbox One X on black friday if you’re hyped for the upcoming exclusive xbox game Anthem coming out February of 2019.

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