Aquaman is DC’s new fish out of the water

staff writer | Lauren Loveless

Aquaman: the upcoming DC movie with a lot of expectations riding on its’ success or failure. And, because the DC studios have created a few subjectively bad films recently, Aquaman has been predicted to flop. ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Bat v. Superman’, and ‘The Justice League’ disappointed fans endlessly; so so far, the future doesn’t look very bright for the DC universe. In my humble opinion, I believe that Aquaman won’t be any better.

However, the early reviews from critics have been surprisingly mixed. Most reviewers are calling the new film “ambitious” and “like a phase of marvel”, which is both encouraging and not. If Aquaman is going to be anything like a Marvel movie then count me in! But, that would mean that DC is running out of options and has to resort to copying their rival, which doesn’t look good on their part.

Anyone who’s watched the trailer can agree that the directors were taking a risk with ‘Aquaman’, because the CGI looks almost as complex as the plot. When I viewed the second teaser video, it felt like I was watching a trailer for three different movies… The trailer just revealed THAT much content. Moreover, the scene with Black Manta looked like an old Batman film, the graphics were incredibly unrealistic. So to say I was a bit disappointed is an understatement.

However, I must give kudos to the directors for being comically accurate. Aquaman’s costume perfectly matches the original outfit and Black Manta looks as dumb as he did in the comics. So to say in that sense, comic fans will be pleased, but unfortunately, hardly any youth have read Aquaman and won’t be able to fully appreciate the outfits.

Honestly, I feel that those who are hyping the movie are simply hungry for more action/superhero movies. No matter the quality or past of the DC franchise, fans will always over hype hero movies and find themselves disappointed afterwards. I think that if Marvel and DC put out films less frequently, and focused on quality instead of quantity, that fans would be much more satisfied.

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