Orchestra brings holiday spirit to campus

by Jonah Besenty | staff writer

On December 6th, Orchestra will be hosting a large concert after school alongside a Christmas tree farm where people who have purchased wreaths from the orchestra can pick up their orders.

“The company that is providing the trees brungot farms is gonna bring all the trees here on Dec. 6 and set them up in front of the auditorium. They’re gonna use big trucks and bring lots of trees here,” assistant orchestra and band director Daniel Musacchio said.

After school, the supplier will bring in the Christmas trees and set up shop outside the auditorium before the orchestra concert.

“They’re gonna start setting up around 5:00 pm, and they’re gonna sell through our concert which is also that night. They’re different prices depending on the size of the tree they start in the $50 and can get more expensive. We are going to play in the auditorium. But the sale is going to take place outside the auditorium. It will end around the time the concert ends which will be around 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm. They’re gonna be bringing wreaths for whoever ordered them. There might be some helpers that with moving the trees,” Musacchio said.

This is the first year that orchestra is selling trees along with the wreaths.

“One of our orchestra parent board members sought them out to run our wreath sale this year, and as our wreath sale kind of evolved we decided that we would have this on site tree sale to coincide with the drop off of all the wreaths people purchased,” Musacchio said.

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