For when you want to spread an obnoxious amount of holiday spirit

by Lauryn Hughes | Staff writer

The tinsel is hung, the lights are strung, and all the tacky Christmas sweaters are out for display, Christmas if finally here. Now there are some cute Christmas sweaters that can be worn without curious glances and giggles as you pass. Then there are the real Christmas sweaters that are bright, obnoxious, and just plain ridiculous and everyone acknowledges them and you can’t go thought the day without someone questioning your life choices.

One of the first places you can find some of these gems is at the place of many products, Target. The amount of Christmas sweater greatness that Target holds is a blessing. There are sweaters that light up, others turn you into an elf or a decorated tree. The possibilities are endless.

Click here to see some Christmas Magic, in sweater form.

Click here for some Elf style

Click here to fully embrace the Christmas tree traditions

Another place you can order some snazzy Christmas attire is on the website, Tipsy Elves. The selection is through the roof, or on the roof if you’re Santa. You can get your own sweater, or you can get one to share with your significant other, or BFF. Or you can cure your boredom with a sweater with built in games, like corn hole. Not to mention the pockets to hold your Sprites or Dr. Peppers.

Click here to see these crazy Christmas sweaters

Click here to see some more  

Now while all sweaters are great, there are some that take the Christmas intensity way too far. There are legends that if one looks at these majestic sweaters for too long, they will go blind… like some of the tacky sweaters that can be ordered on

Click here if you need something extra to boost the holiday spirit

Click here if you christmas season needs a little light

From lights to stuffed animals I think it’s safe to say that some Christmas sweaters have gone too far, while others are actually wearable, but overall we have got to praise the creativity of the sweater makers, the full embodiment of the Christmas spirit really comes through with the magic put into all these sweaters.

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