Jags donate to make a difference

by Eric Martinez| Staff writer

The holiday season has lead to numerous donation and fundraising drives across the Johnson campus.

“We are doing a toy drive because we are adopting an elementary school that we are going to just to give each of the kids in each grade their own Christmas gift. It’s a little less fortunate school so we are just trying to give back,” senior student council president Katie Loftus said.

The student council is asking for donations that are appropriate for elementary kids (kinder to fifth grade). Examples of toys that can be donated are Barbie dolls, Play-doh, and toy cars.

“Toys that are already packaged and brand new or haven’t been used yet. That we can wrap up and give to the kids,” Loftus said. 

The toys can be donated at the box in front of the welcome center or the box at the Jag Shack by the cafeteria. However, Student council isn’t the only organizations running a holiday drive. The McKinney-Vento program wrestling and JROTC are donating food and hygienic items.

“There is a whole list of things on the flyer (in the wrestling room). If you are bringing stuff from home you can see if that aligns with the things on there list. It’s all to help other people that need help,” coach Lee Miller said. 

These items include non perishable foods like ramen and canned goods, along with hygienic items like deodorant and soaps. These items must be turned in by or before Dec. 11. Model U.N. is also running a fundraiser called Candy grams.

“We have candy grams. These candy grams have a variety of snacks in them like goldfish, mints, candies, pencils sometimes, and little trinkets and whatnot,”  junior Janette Warren said. 

A candy gram can be bought one for three dollars and two for five dollars. The candy grams are being sold until Dec. 7  for a model U.N. fundraiser.

“So basically model U.N  has been trying to raise money to support us to go do further fundraisers, volunteers and go to further un conference,” Warren said. 

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