Pinks Popcorn brings unique popcorn to San Antonio

by David Kent | staff writer

With a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Pinks Popcorn is a popcorn place that offers over two-hundred unique flavors of popcorn. Located at 19141 Stone Oak Pkwy #303 near Raising Cane’s. Pinks Popcorn sells delicious varieties of popcorn at a very affordable price for everyone.

Pinks Popcorn cycles through a variety of different flavors, the store will usually have somewhere between 20 and 30 different types of popcorn at the same time. During periods such as Christmas time, there will be seasonal styles of popcorn ranging from something like popcorn covered in red and green frosting to ‘Reindeer popcorn.’

If you’re unsure of what to buy, Pinks Popcorn allows people to try free samples to figure out which flavor you enjoy most. If there’s a certain type of popcorn that you want but it isn’t in the store, you can just order it online and come pick it up in store when it’s ready.

When I arrived at Pinks Popcorn, I found the exterior bland compared to the overall quality of the store and of the popcorn. The physical appearance of the store didn’t compliment the overall uniqueness of all of the different flavors which took away from the overall aesthetic of the store. However, the interior was completely different and it gave off a dainty, more welcoming atmosphere instead of the bland exterior.

When I went inside the store, I was actually taken back by how many different types of popcorn lined the shelves and how large the containers were. But what was surprising to me was the sample table, where you could try anything your tastebuds desired. There was Texas Heat, Eggnog, Churro, and even a Dill Pickle flavor, which I found gross.

I decided to go with some more simple flavors, I didn’t want to try something too adventurous or as strange as Dill Pickle. I bought some Buffalo Ranch, Apple Pie, and Sugar Cookie popcorn in the size petite.

Out of the three flavors, I most enjoyed Apple Pie. It was the perfect blend of sweet and natural flavors. I was skeptical at first about how it would taste, but the combination of the apple pie flavoring and sweet popcorn was a perfect choice, and greatly complimented each other. Buffalo Ranch was an interesting flavor, it was spicy with a nice buttery taste to lessen the impact of the spices. I throughly enjoyed the Sugar Cookie flavor, though I found it a bit too sweet and sugary for my own personal liking.

Pinks Popcorn is a great place to go if you are feeling adventurous and want to try something new. It’s only about fifteen minutes away from campus and the drive is definitely worth it.

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