Baseball season begins with tryouts done, tournaments approaching

By Eric Martinez | staff  writer

Now that tryouts are done, the baseball teams look forward to their  first tournament on February 21.

“I think it’s got a lot of promise coming up we got some good young players, some good older players that have experience. I think together those guys are going to gel and make a really nice glove,” coach Gordon Gesell said.

The baseball team is building up its line up for the following season. with new faces arriving and old faces returning.

“So far, we already have a lot of guys that we know are going to be on the team. I’m not to sure about freshman this year but I know a lot of sophomores that already made the team and are established JVA,” manager Robert Cerone said.

First up is the Border Olympics in Laredo, an annual trip for the team to kick off the season.

“We’re going to go down to Laredo and play in the tournament. It’s a five game tournament. We will open up Thursday the twenty-first of February and we’ll have a couple of games that day,” Gesell said.

The baseball team is coming off a season in 2018 that didn’t turn out quite as planned.

“Last year we had a rough year, cause we didn’t go to playoffs. This year we have a better team overall. We are stronger, more athletic, and we should be good this year. We should go farther than we did last year,” senior and captain Dominic Tamaz said.

This season has the team playing over 16 games or tournaments through the spring.

“Usually from January to June if we get that long (far), if we go to the playoffs, like deep, deep into the payoffs to be in June,” Tamaz said.

The baseball team will be taking it one game at a time for it’s journey to playoffs.

“We just play one game at a time, so it’s a journey. We don’t look at the whole season. We try to go one game at a time and we are going to compete as hard as we can every time,” Gesell said.


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