Softball season starts up again

by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer

As softball season starts only weeks from now the girls are getting ready by setting their goals and preparing for their hardest challenges. Practice has already started earlier last month and they are moving into the season with several scrimmage games.

“We start in the middle of January practicing. We practice for a week. We have two weeks of scrimmages and then we start our regular season. And then playoffs start in the end of April,” coach Jennifer Fox said

As softball season just begins it will gradually  snowball into the playoffs within a few months.They are expecting the competition this year to be more challenging than the last time when the team went undefeated for more than 20 games.

“Last year we lost a lot of our offensive power at the plate and our run-scoring, but we have people that are good rbi hitters that are back so it’ll be a little bit challenging offensively. We went on a 26 and 0 run last year where we went undefeated for 26 games so I think a lot of people are gonna be out to get us this year so it’ll be challenging to compete with everyone,” Fox said.

Last season the Jags had an incredible winning streak. This season more than half of the varsity team will be composed of seniors. There will be five seniors on the varsity team. Coach Fox’s main goal stays the same as with previous seasons.

“Well, our goal in our softball program is always to make it to the state tournament and win a state championship. And some people may think it’s a lofty goal, but I just think that if you don’t dream big you’ll never be able to be great,” Fox said. “I love watching teams form and come together through our off-season in the fall and all the things that we work on and focus on. I just enjoy watching the process and seeing them accomplish some of their goals.”


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