The 21st annual NEISD Expo brings new opportunities to students

Emma Fischer|feature editor

Once again, NEISD will host the annual Career Expo, giving students a chance to explore the options of future jobs and opportunities.

“It is an evening where they coordinate with the business and industry council as well. There will be more than a hundred business from around the city represented to help answer questions from students and parents,” counselor Courtney Tarbox said.

This district wide event pulls in groups from all over San Antonio to make sure the maximum opportunities are shown to students.

“The career night is a district wide event hosted by the career and technician department where they try to pull in different opportunities for students to learn more about industries and careers. They’ll have some professionals there from the business industries as well as our teachers from all across the district that are in the career and tech areas.That could cover everything from business, health science, or even engineering,” Tarbox said.

Although still young, time ticks to when students become adults, and soon, they will have to go into a field themselves.

“This event is a great place for students to go if they don’t really know what career field they are interested in going into. If they want to look for something in particular, they can talk to those people that are actually a part of the field in the real world and learn about more opportunities that they can get and education required when in that field,” Tarbox said.

It is not exclusive to a certain age group, in fact, knowing ahead have gives more chances for students to take the classes they need to enter the field of their choosing.

“We recommend students of all ages to come and see what fields they can go into so they know what classes to take in the future,” Tarbox said.

The event will take place on April 23 at Blossom Athletic Center from 6-8pm. Booths of different business and careers will be set up in the gym and parking lot.

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