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For any students that are interested in learning more about the college fair, go to the counselors' office for more information.

College Fair helps students find their best fit for schools

Sofia Colignon | News Editor

Students who might not have made up their minds yet about colleges can have a chance to talk to representatives from different schools in Texas on April 18, during the Annual College Fair.

“We’ve got over 26 colleges representatives coming, so they’ll be stationed up on the top foyer and the bottom foyer, so it’ll be split half and half, and we’re hoping that the kids will take time during their lunch to go and talk to the representatives from the college they’re interested in applying to,” counselor Patricia Snider said.

The fair will be held during all three of the student lunches.

“All the big schools in Texas—they’re all Texas schools, they’re the major schools in Texas like Texas Tech, Texas State, UT, A&M… Of course, the community colleges will be there and a couple of private schools. We’ve got about 26 schools,” Snider said.

There will also be smaller schools that students might not even know about.

“We have some smaller schools that people might not know they exist that we thought would be helpful for the kids to look at because they all have very good programs,” Snider said.

While the school faculty encourages every grade level to check out the fair, it is mainly intended for sophomores and juniors.

“They’re the ones that need to start thinking about where they think they might wanna go, what the requirements are and the programs that they have,” Snider said.

The fair can also be helpful for students who don’t know what they wanna do once they graduate high school.

“When they talk with the admissions representative, those representatives might be sharing with them they didn’t even know about. So it just opens up a lot of opportunities and information that they hadn’t even thought about,” Snider said.

It’s a different experience from visiting the actual college in a way that there’s no rush.

“It’s a really great opportunity to speak one on one in a setting where no one is feeling rushed and it’s not crowded. They can get some really good information one on one with the admissions people,” Snider said.

Overall, counselors highly recommend swinging by and taking the time to ask any questions students might have.

“I just encourage everyone to take the time to visit the reps, because the reps wanna be here, they’re excited to be here, they’re going to have lots of material to pass out and share with the kids, and it’s just a really great opportunity again to have a really good conversation,” Snider said.

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