by Eric Martinez | staff writer

As the year begins to wrap up many seniors and underclassmen still have fees that are due. From textbooks, athletics, clubs, or anything else.

“They have to turn in they’re textbooks, a lot of them might have parking fines for parking permits. There’s library fines. If you belong in a club and didn’t  pay your dues you can have some fines there,” bookkeeper Cheryl Bohannon said.

If the fines end up going unpaid the school bears the loss on the unpaid dues.

“Whichever group that encountered the fine. That’s who would be having to pick up the lost. If it’s a club, the club will be covering that cost if they never pay up. It just depends on what it is for and what the loss truly is,” Bohannon said.

The fines for the late fees cost the same amount as the fees themselves but they can add up.

“We’ve had fines up to thousands of dollars for fees, unpaid fees, for band, cheerleading, dance something like that,” Bohannon said.

There are several consequences for not paying fines that come with late fees. These include the inability to get a textbooks or library book.

“Not paying fines for all of those obligations have to be taken care of. That’s the same for gym clothes or PE outfits. You have to turn everything in and have zero obligations to walk the stage. That includes parking fines, library books, everything,” librarian Haley Schmidt said.

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Eric Martinez is a member of the swim team, and a staff writer. Eric likes to play videogames, draw, read, and work out. His future dreams include working in the engineering field and becoming a professional journalist.

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