Photo by: Alexis McCutchan
Photo by: Alexis McCutchan

The cure for finals

Lauryn Chavez | Staff Writer

The time for Final Exams is coming up again, and with that exam exemptions. Exam exemption forms are available in the attendance office upon request. Completed forms should be returned to the main office as soon as possible. Exam Exemption forms will be accepted until May 13 at 4:30 pm.

“An exemption is kinda like a reward that they (students) get so they don’t have to take the exam at the end of the semester, they can opt out of it, but have to have a certain criteria to meet,” administrative assistant Gloria Edmonds said.

Exemption Form

Students can have as many as 3 absences in a class they’d like to exempt if they have at least a semester average of 95. The lowest semester average that can be exempted is an 80, but you can’t have any absences or tardies in that class.

“They can have up to 3 absences and with that they have to have a certain grade point average,” Attendance Clerk, Julie Dire said.

Exam exemptions forms need to be signed by the teachers of the classes you’re trying to exempt as well as your parent or guardian. Forms should always be kept on-hand; some teachers will only sign exam exemptions on certain days or only at specific times of the day.

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