School may be out, but not all the work is done

by Emma Fischer|feature editor

When the final bell rings on June 6, not everyone is done for the school year. Although students disperse and push to be let out, not everyone leaves. There is a lot of work to still get done.

“District office changes this from summer to summer.  This summer our hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday – Thursday.  Closed on Friday. We are also closed the week of July 4t. That is a first,” Administration assistance to the principal, Malissa Cox said.

Cox’s summer is short as best.

“I am a 230 day employee meaning I work all year.  I do earn vacation time that I can use at any time,” Cox said.

Even though it’s a break for the students, Cox has lots to do before the next year arrives. Tasks done over the summer are not specifically supposed to be done over the summer, but with less people, the work is done easier.

“Really anything I do in the summer can be done during the school year.  It is way easier to do them while there are no students here. For obvious reasons.  The less people there are in the school, the easier it is to complete tasks,” Cox said.

Summer is a time for Cox to make sure everything is in place for the coming year.

“For me, the summer is all about getting prepared for the next school year.  We hire staff that is needed. We set meetings and important dates. We get ready for our “Prep days”.  Just last year, high schools became a HUB for all registrations : Elementary, Middle and High so we have lots of visitors coming in to register their students as well.  We also help our graduated seniors with transcripts and our current students with VOE’s,” Cox said.

The school keeps on going, even without constant classes happening. Students can still find information and contact the school, which is why many people are asked to stay and work throughout the summer.

“The number one reason is to provide customer service to our community.  Someone is always here to help answer questions. Whether it is someone new just moving to the area or for a student needing help with college applications.  We cannot always help with everything but we can do our best to provide people with the information we have,” Cox said.

Through all the time, all the many days of work a year, Cox has no complaints.

“I enjoy working all year.  It keeps me ahead of the game,” Cox said.

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