Close-up of male hand drawing with water-colors

Campus welcomes young artists this summer

If you’re seeking to improve your art skills this summer then this the new “Art Camp” is for you. From June 24-27, the art teachers will be hosting art camp in hopes to kick off a great yearly summer art camp that’s available for high school students.                                            

“It is open to incoming eighth through twelfth graders and it’s something we’re trying out where, if students want to do a little extra art this summer, they can drop in on one class or they can take a full week’s worth of art classes,” art teacher, Annalisa Shinn said.

Art camp is $25 dollars for each three-hour session, or $200 dollars for eight sessions. You can choose between morning sessions which are from 9am to 12pm, or afternoon sessions which are from 1pm to 4pm.

“It is going to be held here at Johnson in our art rooms,” Shinn said.

Shinn, along with the other art teachers, Christine Dallahan, Kimberly Rumfelt, Lee Miller, Stephanie Smith, and Ryan Williams will be teaching these sessions this June. They hope to start an amazing summer art program as this is the first of it’s kind to ever be offered by Johnson.

“We hope to at least meet the minimum enrollment,  which is ten kids per class, but really I would like to use this year as a jumping off point so that in future years we can have full [enrollment],” Shinn said.

You can enroll for classes on the art camp website. You must complete enrolling for sessions by 7:30 on Jun. 24. Payments must be in cash or check and will be accepted at the time of registration on the morning of June 24.

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