Another year, another set of memes

Lauren Loveless | Staff writer

From Thanos car to shocked Pikachu, the memes during this school year have never failed to satisfy. They get us through the thick and thin, give us a little laugh and help us forget the tests floating on the horizon. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the top memes we’ve seen from the beginning of the school year to the end.

August 2018: Johnny Johnny

If you were one of the unfortunate people to stumble upon the video titled “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa,” then you know exactly what this meme is. The meme features footage from a cursed video, which despite its’ childish themes, is quite disturbing. The one line that everyone knows from this video is “Eating sugar?” “No papa!” “Telling lies?” “No Papa.”

September 2018: Moth Lamp

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No one really knows where this meme came from, it just kind of appeared one day and took over the Internet. The concept of it is so simple that you’d think it would make a boring meme, but alas, creative minds made it somewhat funny. In fact, for Halloween, couples began mimicking the meme and dressed up as a moth and lamp.

October 2018: Let’s Get This Bread

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Now this meme is what most people consider a “wholesome meme,” fit with positivity and humor. Although, it’s unclear as to what “get this bread” even means and confuses me to this day. It originated from Twitter and was quick to gain popularity across all media platforms, including real life. It was a saying that stuck for months and brought small chuckles and smiles.

November 2018: They did Surgery on a Grape

Image result for they did surgery on a grape meme

I’ve only got one thing to say about this meme: they did surgery on a grape.

December 2018: That’s Hot

Image result for that's hot meme

It’s no secret that YouTube Rewind 2018 was a complete disaster, however, the memes that came out of it were beautiful. At the end of the video, celebrity Will Smith contributed a large amount towards the output of memes by saying the infamous line “Ah that’s hot, that’s real hot.” The meme blew up and stuck around through to January 2019, but eventually died.

January 2019: Shaggy

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One of my favorites on the list, the Shaggy meme was beautiful and brought out the best of the Internet. No one really knows if Shaggy truly is a God capable of whipping out the universe, or if he is still a coward as portrayed in the show. The mystery surrounding this meme was entertaining and had a nice taste of originality.

February 2019: Let Me In

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This meme is a bit less creative than the last, however, it’s still funny nonetheless. It’s what you’d consider a “relatable meme” as you can add just about any text and make it #relatable. Personally, I’m sick of this meme, because it just won’t die and still pops up on social media today.

March 2019: Unsettled Tom

Image result for tom meme

No one knows why tom is unsettled, or what scene this image is from, but the Internet took it upon themselves to make up their own scenarios. Most of these memes are inappropriate or offensive, so they aren’t for the sensitive type. However, they’re funny and a nice inclusion of a beloved character from our childhood.

April 2019: Black Hole

Image result for black hole meme

To be honest, I’m not really sure why this became a meme, but here we are. The fact that we were able to even capture a picture of a black hole is amazing! However, the Internet is always ready to make fun of anything that can be taken out of context.

May 2019: Boy’s Locker Room

Image result for men's locker room meme

I… Don’t really know what to say about this meme. It exists. It makes no sense. But it’s funny? Thankfully it’s already dead, but it was still popular enough to make it onto this list.

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