Tardy sweeps begin, new consequences in place

by Eric Martinez | staff writer

Students who rack up tardies will now face a wider range of consequences.

“After three tardies, the students will receive a verbal warning; after seven tardies, they will serve a full lunch detention in ISS. Twenty-one tardies is two hours of Saturday school and 28 tardies is ISS,” coach Jenifer Fox said.

The campus began hourly tardy sweeps two years ago to cut down on students who were consistently late to classes.

“Nine teachers were talking about the culture of our school and we wanted to make a change and the big thing that kept coming up was people being late all the time. Plus, we want our kids to learn. So having the distraction of the same kids coming in five minutes late every day, it is not conducive for the learning environment,” Fox said.

There was an average of 71 students tardy per day during the first week.

“I go from the F hallway, the end of the science hallway to the end of the band hallway. It’s a long walk,” junior Dylan Weller said.

Even if a student is late to class, the school still wants them to head to their classes and not wait to be caught by hall monitors.

“They should just go to class. They should not wait for a teacher to give them an orange pass. They should just go and their classroom teacher will just take care of it at that point,” Fox said.

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