IT: chapter II falls short for audiences

By Sebastian Lucumi|staff writer

Unlike the children eaten by IT, this movie will not float too. 27 years after the release of the original 1990 IT, director Andrés Muschietti & novelist Stephen King finally released what fans have been wanting for two years, IT: Chapter two.

The horrors posed by IT: Chapter two fall short. Featuring suspenseful music, and many jump scares, these attempts tend to be more gross than scary.

The comedy of the movie however, does not fall short. In most moments of the movie; one can simultaneously be scared, and be laughing at the sheer outlandishness of the monsters. The comical jokes that are tossed around to each member of the gang of losers ease the audience; only to make way for a poor attempt to startle them. 

In its entirety, the film was well made compared to many other horror movies this year. The comedy is golden, although I found myself likewise laughing at how bizarre some of the “scares” were during the sequence of the film. If you’re looking for a good shock that’ll send you to the edge of your seat, then this movie would be a fine film to watch. However, if you’re looking for a just and rightful sequel to the remake of your favorite childhood movie, you may be disappointed. 

I’m not going to lie, I was counting the days until this movie hit theaters. After taking a cheat day from my rigorous diet, I proceeded to embrace a large pizza and gorged on a big bin of popcorn. I wasn’t displeased with the movie, however, I simply did not feel content with the sequel. Like many other great movies, the sequel will always have trouble reliving the original masterpiece. 

IT: Chapter two is a fine horror movie that unfortunately fails to live up to its predecessor. The plot was contemplated, the scares were initially shocking yet stale at best, and comedically underwhelming at worst with exceptionally written comedy. This, along with standard acting all contribute to the movie’s final score of a C+. 

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