Why should I buy a homecoming dress online?

Lauryn Chavez | staff writer

You can get almost anything online these days including dresses for homecoming. Many prefer online shopping over buying dresses in store. Popular dress stores include Tiger Mist, Windsor, Promgirl, and Simply Dresses. 

Buying homecoming dresses online has its pros and cons, but overall it was more convenient to order my homecoming dress online than to go out.

Using Windsor, I browsed all the homecoming dresses. At first I was skeptical of buying my homecoming dress online because I wasn’t there to actually touch and feel or even try on the dress, but to my surprise all the pictures exemplified all the details of the dress and each description was very thorough as well.  Size guides are also available for each dress so I know I’m getting an accurate size that would be a perfect fit for me.

All shipments from Windsor arrive from 1-9 business days. If you’d like to get your dress even faster you can pay for express shipping and get your dress in 1-2 business days. 

The website was neatly organized and easy to use even for a first time buyer. Information about customer service, returns, and shipping information was easily accessible. You can even find the closest Windsor from the website if you prefer to shop in store. 

Prom dresses and casual dresses additionally formal gowns are also sold on the website. As well as dresses Windsor makes a wide variety of clothing including Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Swimwear, and even loungewear. 

Ultimately I would get more dresses online for the pure convenience. With busy schedules all year long, who really has time to shop for a homecoming dress? 

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