Volleyball prepares to bounce back from Regan loss

by Ben Barrera | staff writer

The volleyball teams’ main goal is to win and improve the team.

“Our expectations are to get better. We wanna win and we wanna get better as a team and we hope that the more effort we put in the better we get. The results will take care of themselves. We can also come in the game more focused,” Head coach Jim Feicht said.

 On top of valuing effort and hard work, Feicht pushes his team to compete against other schools. 

“You know one thing we always push forward to is to compete. Compete in everything that we do. We feel the more we compete the better off we are and more successful we will be from it,” Feicht said.

Every year the team goes through a transition with the departure of the seniors to college.

“We will have six girls this year graduating and so I mean that’s a good chunk of them so we will have a bunch of openings looking at how to fill the roster and whos gonna fill what spots on the court and just the leadership aspect that we will have to fulfill,” Feicht said.

Every game played is played to the best of the team’s abilities, no matter the obstacles.

“We are always looking forward to the next game we play. We want to go into each one and we wanna compete our hardest like it could be the last game we play. Every single game is just as important as the others,” Feicht said.

Although Johnson recently lost to Regan, the team remains competitive against their long time rival.

“Earlier when we played them this season we went 0-3 but in those games we were really competitive and we think that if a play here and a play there things we have been working on will help us be successful this time around in the future,” Feicht said.

Although the Johnson team has been struggling, Feicht has his sights set on future performance and athletic development. 

“We are doing alright, the wins and losses aren’t exactly what we want but we are getting better. We have a fairly inexperienced group that keeps on getting more tough and tough competition and we are hoping by the time we get to the playoffs hopefully we will all be ready to go,” Feicht said.

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