Another beneficial resource for material you may have missed

by Ella Wisely | staff writer

In high school, you learn so much and it can be hard to remember everything you learn. Lucky for you, teachers sometimes have a helpful source to remember all of the material. 

Ap Biology teacher, Oscar Velasquez started a podcast with several episodes with at least 15 minutes of easy access information. 

“It’s a podcast that covers material about AP Biology. So pretty much I review what we did in the class each day, future information and go over major concepts. I also give them hints or study tips on how to do well on quizzes for the week or exams for the week,” Velasquez said. 

If you miss a day of class, you have access to this so you can catch up easily. 

“It’s a weekly podcast so I usually will record it on Saturday and post them on Sunday,” Velasquez said. 

Not only is this podcast use for biology but it has extra information to get to know your teacher a little more. 

“I give them extra information, like my deeper thoughts when it comes to my favorite movies, favorite types of music and things that they may be interested in,” Velasquez said. 

This podcast is for all of his students and is available on many platforms. 

“They’re pretty much available on all podcast listening platforms. They’re on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast, pretty much all of them,” Velasquez said. 

For all podcasts, you have the opportunity to gain subscribers. And since Mr. Velasquez has so many students, he should have many subscribers. 

“I tell my students to definitely subscribe,” Velasquez said. 

This resource is very helpful to other students so he likes to see when his students subscribe. 

“It’s open to anyone so anyone can listen to it and subscribe to it and so far I have a lot of subscribers and it gets listened to a lot,” Velasquez said.


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