Boys wrestling begin season with match against Madison

by Sebastian Lucumi | staff writer

The Johnson wrestling season is beginning and Madison is the first opponent. 

The wrestling team is starting with conditioning and now has shifted into focusing on the technique of wrestling. Head wrestling coach, Lee Miller is the one who oversees and coordinates the direction of the team.

“We started the first week of August, lifting and conditioning was before and started to work on our technique at around 8:30 a.m. every day and that goes into the class period [first period] to teach people all the positioning, technique that they need. Some people learn really fast, some people learn much slower; but anybody that is working harding and is consistent is gonna grow in this sport,” Miller said.

The Johnson wrestling team has their first match tonight, Dec. 4, against Madison High School.

“My assistant that was here for the two years is now the head coach at Madison, so it’s going to be fun and really competitive; I know he’s going to have his team well prepared. Our guys have been working really hard, we’re very prepared and very motivated. Hopefully we come away with a win, but either way it’s going to be a great match,” Miller said. 

Next weekend, the team is hosting a tournament at Johnson. 

“Next weekend we’re hosting a tournament called the Rust Peterson invitational. Rust Peterson was one of the founders of wrestling in San Antonio and started out at Madison High school. We really brought his tournament, and his name with the tournament to Johnson. When Johnson opened, his son worked at Johnson as the defensive coordinator and is now the head football coach at Madison [Blake Peterson]. We are lucky to have that name, it brings us a lot of credibility to us; it’s a huge tournament with 40 teams and really competitive and 6 mats,” Miller said.       

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