Preview on the Airpods Pro

by Tala Kamil | staff writer

On Oct. 30, Apple released the AirPods Pro, one of the only in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation, blocking out the world so you can only focus on what you’re listening to. They feature an expanded mesh mic port that improves call clarity.

“I thought that they were pretty comfy, but the case was weird. I like the features they had and I thought they were a straight up improvement from the old ones. I didn’t think I’d like the cushions they added, but right now, I like them a lot,” senior Jonah Gary said.

The original AirPods cost $159 without the charging case and $199 with it. However, the AirPods pro cost $249 including all the listed features.

“I don’t like the new AirPods because when first I bought them, they looked kinda cheap and it looks like you can buy them for less than the given price. The new [cushion] they added to them gives away the cheap quality look,” junior Elisha Mahabir, said.

The AirPods Pro might not be that different from other headphones after all. For instance, the Sony WH1000XM3 is rated as the best noise cancelling headphones and is most people’s top pick.  

“These new AirPods basically are an imitation of what other brands already had; (Samsung, Huawei, Beats, etc.) especially with that new detail they added. It doesn’t make them seem any different than other headphones,” Mahabir said. 

Despite the AirPods Pro not being as unique on the market, Gary still bought them. 

“I lost my old AirPods and so I had extra money laying around and i decided to go buy them because the noise cancellation was pretty cool to me and the fact they they’re waterproof makes them better than the old ones.” Gary said.

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