Girls basketball team faces loss against South San

Ashlyn Swain | staff writer

After many losses this season, every practice counts to senior and varsity basketball player Jayla Taylor. 

“We thought we’d be better than everybody but they’ve brought their A-game. Everybody wants to beat Johnson so they go their hardest against us,” Taylor said.

In their last game, the team lost to South San Antonio 62-56.

“The crowd was rowdy, so we weren’t prepared for that game I guess. We fought but we weren’t prepared for the refs not to call crap,” Taylor said. “We still fought as hard as we could.”

Through all their efforts, the team was defeated and has suffered 14 losses and a sum of 13 wins. 

“We thought since last year we beat [South San] by 20 points, they would lose. But they had a bone to pick with us and we were in their gym, it just hit different,” Taylor said. 

Despite all of this and their recent lost, the team keeps themselves optimistic.

“Yeah we’re all pumped. Especially because we lost to San Marcos,” Taylor said. “We practice everyday.”

In those everyday practices, the team stays together and prepare for a total of two hours daily.

“We’ve just been watching films, studying our plays and players, going out for our defense and offense, normal things.” Taylor said. 

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