Seasons on hold, future uncertain as campus remains closed

Lauryn Chavez | staff writer

With the pandemic putting many things on hold, athletes are left questioning if they’ll be able to return to their sport this season.

Principal Gary Comalander has eased some thought for these athletes as there is still hope that district seasons will still continue.

“Whether a season will end before all games have been played will depend upon whether we return in May,” Comalander said.

Along with district season, playoffs are also not canceled yet and will depend on if the schools will be reopening this school year.

“UIL is still working to hold some type of playoff format if possible. Until a final decision is made across the state of Texas on when schools will or will not reopen, a decision on playoffs will not be made,” Comalander said.

Because there is still a possibility that the seasons will continue Comalander encourages student-athletes to look to teammates and coaches for support.

“Stay strong and keep connected with your teammates and coaches through virtual media sources. It is a tough time for all of us as we miss out on our seasons, working out together, talking to your coach on a daily basis, and exercise the skill work you are missing. You will be stronger if you choose to make the best of it and learn how to work on your own.  Continue to get advice from your coach and ask for help as you need it. Stay strong Jags!,” Comalander said.

In regards to all of the seniors that might not play their sport again in college, Comalander apologizes for the time that will never be recovered and says to cherish the memories you’ve made with your team.

“We are sorry that you have missed your ‘last game’ or playoff opportunity as a senior.  There is nothing that I can say to replace that. However, you will always have the memories of your teammates and the knowledge of the work you have put in through high school,” Comalander said.

As for fall sports, there is no telling if they will be affected by this pandemic yet. 

“At this time, it is not affecting our fall sports. However, as we move through this Stay at Home process in the state of Texas, it is possible that some changes will eventually happen.  Our hope is that nothing in the fall is affected,” Comalander said.

Protocols are being considered if something similar happens again in the future, but there has not been a final decision.

“New protocols are being discussed at many different levels from the State, District, and campus. Nothing has been decided upon yet,” Comalander said.

Only time will tell how our sports will be impacted. Comalander reminds us that we can always lean on our community.

“We love all of our Jags and as always, it’s a great day to be a jaguar!” Comalander said.


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