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Teachers will continue to offer tutoring sessions this semester- just in a virtual setting.

“Time built into the schedule so students and teachers can take care of their work and themselves,”  English teacher Meagan Cobb said.

Teachers will hold Zoom meetings before and after school to any students who want to attend.

“9:00 to 10:00 is tutoring time for students…and after school from 3:30 to 4:30 is tutoring time again,” Cobb said.

Students who want extra help with their classes are now able to easily meet with their teachers.

 “Students can get additional help… teachers right now have undivided attention, and for students, it can help because of the one on one time with their teacher,” Cobb said.

These meetings are optional for students.

“If I don’t have any students for tutoring I use that time for planning,” Cobb said.

Since tutoring time is included in the schedule now, teachers and students don’t have to take extra time out of their day.

“I really enjoy this new schedule because it gives me time to talk and collaborate with my colleagues. Before that time was always rushed and we tried to cover it in a short amount of time, and now it feels like we can really take our time and talk about learning and teaching and what’s best for students… I also like the tutoring time with students because it’s not rushed,” Cobb said.

Students can also use this time for different things such as homework and extracurriculars.

“It would be a good time for students to work on homework and other things that need to be done,” Cobb said.

Work can also be made up during tutoring time if students are absent from some classes.

“I used tutoring time to catch up on American Sign Language because I got booted out of the classroom for a few days,”  junior Valeria Lobo-Gonzálaze said.

This extra time built into the schedule allows for more flexibility for teachers and helps them be able to focus on students.

“Being available for students and seeing if they have any questions,” Cobb said.


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