Lunch precautions keeping students, staff safe

by Chloe Jordan | staff writer

As the phase-in plan continues to move forward, precautions and safety measures are being put into place for lunches.

“Students are allowed to eat inside the cafeteria and outdoor courtyard. There are stickers placed at every serving line to keep students distant and safe,” Cafeteria Manager Maria Alonso said.

Students are required to wear their masks at all times, unless they’re eating or drinking – that includes outside and in serving lines.

Our cafeteria staff of 18 are working and preparing the food,” Alonso said.

Even though the choices may be limited, the Lunch lines are still up and running. 

“This week we have a grill open offering cheeseburgers, combo meals, salads and more,” Alonso said. “Right now we are serving the same two choices in 4 lines and we have one grill line open with a choice, combos and salads. We have limited menu options but we are currently introducing more items as we continue to open.”

Water cups are also available for students who need to hydrate but didn’t bring a water bottle. And for students who do return to campus, school lunches are covered by the USDA.

“On Aug. 31, USDA secretary Sonny Perdue announced that school lunches have been approved to be free for all students until Dec. 31 or until funds run out,” Alonso said.

For breakfast, no students are allowed in the cafeteria, so the line is set up outside. Students and teachers are allowed in the cafeteria for lunch.

“There’s markers on the table too, so that students are their required distance apart from each other,” assistant principal Sara Moseley said. 

Stickers are also placed at every serving line to keep students socially distanced.

“The janitors spray and clean the whole area inside and outside on the tales, so that everything is sanitized before the next set of students come in,” Moseley said.

Administrators are confident that following all of the prescribed guidelines and procedures are going to keep the campus in good shape.

“I’m pretty optimistic about COVID,” Moseley said. “If we’re diligent, we all do our part, wear our masks, I think we’re going to be okay.”

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